TOUR DIARY: First We Take Berlin...

...then we take Norderstedt! Last night was my first time playing Berlin, and while I wish I'd had more time to explore, I really enjoyed what little I saw. We had a long drive to get there (~6 hours), so by the time we rolled through the Dutch and German fog and pulled into town, there was just time for a quick grilled cheese and soup to warm up from the cold, then soundcheck and a performance.

It's been interesting watching the news over here. We hear very little about foreign politics in America (only when something dramatic happens), but American politics are a big deal here and everyone knows what's going on. Trump is on the front page of newspapers and he's the subject of satire and derision pretty much everywhere. Even the German national railroad put out a statement today that their trains are on time 120% of the time and labeled it an "Alternate Fact" a la Kellyanne Conway.

Tonight's show was just outside Hamburg Norderstedt. The club looked like a basement when we walked in, but it turned out to be an amazing space with stellar sound and video setups. It's been up and running for 20 years and the house was packed for our sets. I'm back at the hotel eating falafel and rice with my fingers in bed watching German dubbed South Park, but it's time to get some sleep. We have a 6 hour drive ahead of us tomorrow for a festival show in Kristianstadt, Sweden.

Anthony D'Amato