TOUR DIARY: People Have The Power

Greetings from Groningen! We started the morning off in Amsterdam, where we got word that the Dutch edition of the Women's March was happening a half mile for our hotel. It was an inspiring crowd, remarkably large and as diverse as you could imagine. Everybody was ptimistic and fired up, too. It felt more like a celebration than a protest, which I suppose in some ways it was. There were chants about Donald Trump, about feminism, about peace and love and equality and respect. It was comforting to see that the concern about the direction of our country is one that's shared around the world, and that there are millions willing to join together and stand up for what's right and good. I struggled with what my role as an American man at a Women's March in a foreign country should be. These women didn't need my help to make their voice heard or to legitimize their message. But when I saw how many young children were there, I realized how important it is for them to see as many men as possible attending in a supportive capacity so they grow up knowing we've got their backs. Those young kids are going to be adults soon, and they're going to be the ones who have to get us out of the messes we're creating for ourselves today.

After the march, we hit the road for Groningen, a town I immediately fell in love with. There are beautiful buildings everywhere, but the highlight has to be the massive old church in the center of town. It's called Martinikerk and it was built in the 13th Century. This is a college town, so it's full of young people, but far enough north that it's not much with tourists. The streets are lined with cool little shops and restaurants of every variety.

I've been battling throat issues since the West Coast tour, and tonight was the first night I really felt like myself singing, which was a real relief. The Masterson's invited me back out for their encore to sing "You Ain't Going Nowhere," and I suspect that will become a fixture for the rest of the tour. Next up: Berlin!

Anthony D'Amato