TOUR DIARY: Is This Heaven? No It's Iowa

Greetings from the end of a dirt road in Buckingham, IA. Last night I played a special show at an unbelievably gorgeous house on a lake in partnership with EMBARC, a charity organization whose mission is to expand the world of possibilities for refugees from Burma through advocacy, education, and community development. My lovely host was herself a refugee who resettled in the United States, so the 'Won't You Be My Neighbor?' cause is close to her heart, and she helped put together a really wonderful evening. We were joined by a whole bunch of refugees who have resettled in Iowa and cooked up a Burmese feast, which was super delicious and spicy. They also shared a few words about the organization before the show and let people know how they can help the cause. Afterwards I bought a rad woven bookbag made by a resettled grandmother (EMBARC helped several women rebuild the looms they had to leave behind in Burma).

Anyway, on my way here, I did the most Iowa thing I could think of and stopped off at the location where they filmed Field of Dreams. It's exactly how it looks in the movie--a baseball field in the middle of miles and miles of endless corn. That movie means a lot to a lot of people, so it was fun to watch kids run the bases and get all excited to play catch on it.

Minneapolis was great, and then I played my first show in Milwaukee, which I really loved The lakefront is beautiful, the people were friendly, and the music was great. Our friend Trapper Schoepp joined the bill, and I crashed at his house (which features a door that triggers the "Seinfeld" theme song when you open it). Visit my Instagram or Twitter if you want to see that bad boy in action. Anyway, time to head to Missouri for two more shows before I join back up with Jesse in Chicago.

Anthony D'Amato