TOUR DIARY: Falkenberg to Eksjo

Sweden keeps getting better. Last night we played in a cool little city called Falkenberg, which is right on a river that empties into the ocean. Joshua James and Timmy The Teeth were on the bill with us again, and along with The Mastersons I really couldn't ask for a better night of music. The crowd was amazing, and they love their vinyl over here. It will always be strange to me to sing my songs around the world and hear people singing along, especially when they have a different native tongue, but it's strange in the best possible way.

Whenever you enter a shop here they greet you with "Hey Hey," and then I have to sheepishly admit I only speak English. Everybody over here is at the very least bilingual. I find myself accidentally slipping into speaking English to them but with a shitty Swedish accent, as if that somehow makes me easier to understand or is a way of showing respect to their language and culture. It's in no way either of those things.

We just arrived at our hotel near Eksjo, where we'll play tonight. It's an old lodge on the edge of a frozen lake, and the view out my bedroom window is astounding. I think I'll log off the computer and just stare for a while



Anthony D'Amato