TOUR DIARY: Stranded In A Winter Wonderland

Terrible weather and even worse luck. I got delayed 8 hours in the mountains last night, where -20 temperatures and a snow pack that reached 25 feet deep conspired to keep me from Portland. The extreme temperature change caused steel rails to split. A rockslide just after dark rolled a massive boulder onto the tracks ahead of us. It's hard to say just how bad you feel missing a show, let alone a sold out show with one of your favorite artists that you've traveled across the country for. We can't control the weather and I suppose we just have to accept that, but it still profoundly sucks. I'm sorry to have missed you Portland. I'll be back. The road is long and perhaps there is a bigger picture in which this all works out, but in the meantime, all I can do is hit the road for Seattle this morning and put on the best show I can tonight.

Anthony D'Amato