'The Shipwreck From The Shore' Out Today

It’s with great excitement that I welcome my first studio album (and debut for New West Records) into the world today! It’s called ‘The Shipwreck From The Shore,’ and I recorded it with folks from Bon Iver/Megafaun/Josh Ritter’s band in one of the most thrilling/challenging/rewarding/terrifying musical experiences of my life. Pick up a copy, turn it way up loud, and if you dig it, share it with your friends!

iTunes: https://bitly.com/1p86iLo
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1w0vh4x
Limited edition signed CD/vinyl LP: http://bit.ly/1vQXDlr

If you’re in NYC, come on out to The Mercury Lounge tonight, where we’ll be performing the album live front-to-back for the first time ever: http://bit.ly/1uDmGEl

Making this album required a gigantic leap of faith, and I truly had no idea where these songs would take me. While finally releasing them into the wild feels in some ways like the end of a long and crazy journey, it’s actually just the beginning of a much bigger one that I hope you’ll come along for. The reaction so far, from NPR and Billboard to TIME and the NY Times, has been so encouraging, but more than anything I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the music and to playing these songs live for you with a whole lot of touring over the next year and beyond. As always, thanks for your support, and thank you to everyone who helped make this record possible. It means more to me than I may ever be able to express.

Anthony D'Amato